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What is Android One

What is Android One

[stextbox id=”info” caption=”Android One”]Android one is the google programme. In this program google a big giant is participating the mobile companies for creating high-quality and low cost Smart mobile phones. [/stextbox]


According to google, android one programme is the initiative to create affordable smartphones. The main aim of google is to provide all the user with latest smartphone technology. For those who cannot afford smartphones with high budgets.

How Android One is different from other android phones??

Other Android phones also use Google’s Android. Most of these devices use AOSP version of Android, which is the barebones version of the OS. Different phone companies take AOSP and then put their own user interface and apps in it. They also remove and add features. The end result is not exactly the Android that Google wants you to have. It is the Android that Samsung, sony, HTC, LG want you to get.

For high-end phones, these customization work very well and seems no problem as hardware is very good. But in the low-end phones, which don’t have powerful hardware, the performance suffers and as a result quality issues.

Android One is different. First of all, it is very much similar to regular android versions with suitable customization for low-end hardware. And second, it doesn’t have any third-party user interface or unnecessary features. It is the version of Android created by Google. This means when you buy an Android One phone, you get the Android experience that Google has designed for you and not LG, Samsung, micromax or Spice.

For other android phones which are not android one companies were selling phones with their selected hardware and software. But for android one phone, Google is the overall controller both for selecting hardware and software. This gives quality product with low cost.

Most important thing about android one is that Google itself is taking responsibility for delivering software updates. This means if you have android one then you will get latest version of android OS. Say android L. Google is promising for all the updates for android one.

Android one supporting mobiles

Right now three companies are tied up with google android one.

Spice Dream UNO

Spice Dream UNO is available at Flipkart at a price of Rs 6,299.









Karbonn Sparkle V

The Karbonn Sparkle V is available at Snapdeal at a price of Rs 6,399.













Micromax Canvas A1

Micromax Canvas A1 is available at Amazon India at a price of Rs 6,499.











All three are entry-level Android phones and hence pack in rather modest hardware. In terms of hardware, all three use same hardware but only difference is brand name and designs.

  • 4.5-inch screen with 854 X 480 pixels resolution.
  • MediaTek quad-core processor running at 1.3GHz.
  • 1GB RAM.
  • 4GB internal storage.
  • Support for microSD card.
  • 5MP rear camera and 2MP front camera.

Can i purchase android one??

We suggest that before you purchase and order the Android One phone from an online site, wait for the reviews or see the review of purchasing sites.But  based on basic observation we feel confident in recommending an Android One phone. The performance is very good and for this price, these phones look good. All three offer similar kind of hardware so you can buy any of them.

Still have a question about Android One? Use our comments feature to ask and we will answer it.