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Top 5 iPhone 6 Features

Here are the Top 5 iPhone 6 Features Revealed


1. Introducing Piri in iPhone 6






Piri is the application installed in new launched iPhone 6. This is very advanced application which can read your thoughts! So there is nothing hard to do with this application. Just start your thoughts with Piri. Say for example : you want to eat pizza that’s your thought then simply say that “Piri i want to eat pizza”, that it will bring with pizza results. So this application will makes your search with your thoughts. But Piri will not deliver pizza 🙂 you have to call delivery person.

2. Moving Pictures with Camera Clicks

Top 5 iPhone 6 Features




Moving pictures with camera clicks does not mean video recording. It is the new feature of iPhone 6, in this feature you can create motion images like gif images without editing any images with phone software. New revolution in social networking sites.

3. Hot Plate for cooking food

Top 5 iPhone 6 Features






This phone is loaded with Sapphire display. What do you think that’s for? Your all new iPhone 6 acts as a hot-plate! Yes, the strong sturdy screen is warm enough to heat your food or boil your tea/coffee. All you need to do is plug it into the charger that Apple provides with the box of iPhone 6. And go warm.

4. Teleportation

Top 5 iPhone 6 Features




Transport is the most difficult issue nowadays. If you will take public transport you will be delayed or if you will take your private vehicle you will get stuck in or jams into the traffic and face delays! So here’s iPhone 6 solution! This phone will act as a teleporter. Means simply Press and hold the home button and grip you iPhone 6 tightly. Instruct Piri to transport you from one location to another i.e source to destination. Don’t loose your phone grip at any point that is very important to remember. See the results.

5. Midas Touch

Top 5 iPhone 6 Features







iPhone 6 comes with the all new Midas Touch. The phone comes with an inbuilt app that, once you log into with your credential account, you can convert to gold any object you touch. Now, before you get excited, remember that the app is linked to your credit card. So as soon as you turn an object to gold, the value of the product will be debited from your account. So be careful to use this Midas Touch app.