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How to Setup Paypal Sandbox Testing Account

In this article we will guide you step by step for How to Setup Paypal Sandbox Testing Account, but first of all let’s see what is paypal sandbox testing account.

How to Setup Paypal Sandbox Testing Account

How to Setup Paypal Sandbox Testing Account

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The PayPal Sandbox is a autonomous, virtual testing environment that resembles the live PayPal production environment. It provides a shielded space where you can initiate and watch your application process the requests you make to the PayPal APIs without experimenting with any live account.


In this article we will see that how to Setup paypal sandbox testing account setup wise and in next article we will guide you step wise to integrate the paypal code with your source code i.e. in php, asp/net

STEPS to setup paypal sandbox testing account


Go to

How to Setup Paypal Sandbox Testing Account



click on log In if you have a paypal account or click on sign up to create new paypal sandbox account.
How to Setup Paypal Sandbox Testing Account



login with your details after signing up with the step 2 to authenticate with the paypal sandbox  account




After successful authentication in step 3, you will see the below screen. Click on dashboard as highlighted in the screenshot.




You will be redirected to following screen, where you have to click on accounts as highlighted below.



This will redirect you to sandbox account where you will see your sandbox test accounts. Here one account is already created by default as highlighted below.  You can use this test account for testing paypal.




Click on above highlighted email address you will get two options profile and notifications as shown. Click on profile option which is highlighted below.



You will see the below screen




You will see the popup screen for Account Details. It has the following properties

1. Profile

2.API Credentials



TAB 1 Profile

In this tab you will see your sandbox account details

TAB 2 API Credentials



You will have Classic Test API Credentials with following properties

1. Username

2. Password

3. Signature

This property will be used while integrating your Test Account with your Webpage.

TAB 3 Funding



You will see account number, routing number and credit card details , you can use this credit card number with this API , this card number won’t work with other API/ Transaction ID. You will use this for testing your Paypal integration and real-time money transaction virtually.

TAB 4 Settings

There is 2 option review about your payment and notification to handle negative test.

This are the simple steps to create sandbox API

If you want to run this API key in your Paypal Pro Transaction  then click on TAB 1 i.e. Profile.


Click on upgrade to Pro you will see the following screen



Ones you click on enable paypal pro you can use this API and transaction key in you paypal pro test account .

You can also create another API key in you existing account click on create account



After creating new account repeat the steps as shown in this article and start your Paypal Test Account

So, this is all about setting up your Paypal Sandbox Testing Account step wise.

Our next article will be step wise integrate your Paypal Sandbox Testing Account with your code file.

If you have any queries or suggestions you can comment below.