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How to earn money from freelance


This article is all about how to earn money from freelance sites by creating impressive profile

Prove your skill by showing best quality work to clients and develop business in IT industries

Here are the few tips for startup


The basic requirement for start up of any work is your skill. First of all identify your skills. Identify in which area you are interested such as graphic designing which includes flash, Photoshop, illustrator etc, programming skills like java, vb, php, android, iphone etc or you make be good at testing or English language for technical article writing.

Above is the foremost requirement of starting any project. You can create your group of all above mentioned skilled developers and start your business.

Now come to the main point what’s next? Where to find work? How to find work?

This is what the article is about let’s move step by step to understand the needs for better hiring by clients


You need to create account in online sites providing the service for bidding.  Below are the top site freelance job sites.















Personally I prefered for the new comers to create account in This is because initial subscription for bidding is free and you can try every month with limited bidding. But for unlimited bidding you have to pay few dollars to upgrade your account.

So this article is all about creating account in for winning profile

Remember this article will be helpful in all the freelance job providing sites as it is all about your profile development.

Step 1- how to create account


After adding few detail next comes profile, create profile by reading this article thoroughly

Be to the point, your headline should be straight to the point. Single line heading which only includes

  • Title position
  • Years of experience if any
  • Speciality

Step 2- Upload best looking professional photo

It’s all about the image you create and not by only playing with words. Give smiley expression and create a passport size photo with you camera, no need to go to any studio. Professional photo is a big plus to attract the clients.

If you are not adding any photo of yours in your profile then it creates an impression to clients that you are hiding something. Also avatar could be used according to you profession but personally i recommend your profile image only.

Step 3- Immediately open your profile by highlighting your experience and qualifications

Open your profile by telling potential clients why you are qualified freelancer. Prove your self that you are qualified for the project. This are the checkpoints which will help you to come first in the list of client’s choice.

Start your profile with the following:

  • Position title(i.e. Junior graphic designer, senior programmer, team leader, Expert technical writer).
  • Years of experience in your expertise field
  • Your areas of expertise (You may possess multiple skills).
  • Industry experience (If any)

Step 4- Highlight your academic background increase your impression of your qualification

If you have any formal training or any specialized course of your subject then mentioned them immediately after your qualification and experience.

Some examples of academic background is listed below:

  • Bachelors in Computer Engineering with several paper presentation and award winning in programming competitions
  • Masters or bachelors in MBA or any related field, along with best knowledge by working with industries.
  • If you don’t have any impressive academic experience the don’t worry, highlight your best skills.

Step 5- Always mention your contact information

Many clients preferred to hire local developers or any talents for better communication. By mentioning that your location chances of hiring by local clients increases. This will increase the reliability. And this is the foremost factor to trust anyone.

See examples

step 6- Prove how talented you are with samples and references.

The basic and foremost thing about trust is that client must know that you are capable person to complete their project successfully. This is only possible if you show your past work of success. Show them that you are hired before in the freelance and done some projects.

In your profile body start listing your major projects, with most recent work if any. Include all the details of the previously completed project which includes client name, project name, project scope, deadline, budget etc. If you receive any good feedback from clients then mentioned it. Remember always show you client that you are the eligible person to hire.

Above is the few tips to create great profile in freelance sites

Also see.

If you have any queries you can post message below. We will always respond you positively

In next article i will teach you how to bid. How to write your quote and convince the client that you are potential developer. Thanx