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Freelancer Orientation Exam Questions with Solution

In this article i will share Freelancer Orientation Exam Questions with Solutions

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Freelancer Orientation Exam is used to complete the profile in the account. This Exam helps to improve the score count of Freelancer and push the rank to higher level. This increases the chances of wining bids for the freelancers. On passing this exam special badge will be added to your profile. This will highlight your skills and will be shown next to your bids.


Few things to remember before applying for a Freelancer Orientation Exam

1. offers this exam free of cost.

2. 20 multiple choice answers.

3. 10 minutes exam time

4. 75% marks needed to clear this exam.

5. Topics covered Freelancer Basics (To read more about freelancer basics Click Here)

 [stextbox id=”info”]Here are the list of Freelancer Orientation Exam Questions with Solution.[/stextbox]

1. How much does it cost to register as an employer on

ANS: There is no cost to register

2. How may required skills can be selected when posting a project?

ANS: 1 to 5

3. Posting a project private incurs an additional fee of —-

ANS: $10.00

4. Multiple accounts are required in order to both bids on jobs as freelancer and hire freelancers as an employer?

ANS: False

5. Can I add the “featured” option to my project after bidding starts?

ANS: Yes, but the appropriate fee will be deducted from your account.

6. How much does a basic member pay when selecting a provider for a project?

ANS: The higher of $3 or 3% of the project amount

7. What advantage does the milestone payment system offer me as an employer?

ANS: All of these

8. Private projects will only be sent by —

ANS: Registered Users who are Logged in

9.How can I provide a highly detailed description of a project without making my posted description too lengthy?

ANS: Upload a document with the details.

10. How can I submit a PayPal payment to a freelancer from

ANS: You can’t. Payment via 3rd party providers must be made from the provider’s site

11. How much does it cost to post a Priority project?

ANS: $5

12: Why do some freelancers use the project clarification board to submit their bids?

ANS: Any of these

13. Which of the following is true about the milestone payment system?

ANS: It ensures freelancers that funds are available to pay for satisfactory completed tasks and projects.

14. To ensure maximum exposure for a project, choose the —- option.

ANS: Choose ‘Featured’

15. I paid a freelancer via PayPal for a project, but didn’t received the final deliverables as promised. If I feel a dispute with, how long will the freelancer have to respond?

ANS: You cannot file a dispute, since the payment was made via a third party.

16. How can I cancel milestone payment I’ve created for a freelancer?

ANS: Milestone payments can only be cancelled by the freelancer. You can send a request to the freelancer or submit a dispute.

17.What does the milestone request in the freelancers bid mean?

ANS: It shows the amount of the milestone payment the freelancer has requested if you accept his/her bid offer they start work.

18. There is a gold icon with a red X beside the amount of a bid placed on my projects. What does this mean?

ANS: You do not have enough funds in your account to pay this bid in full.

19. Where can I find links to my projects that have closed?

ANS: On your account dashboard, in the employer view, click on the “past projects” tab

20. How can I hide bids I’m definitely not interested in?

ANS: Click the “hide bid” link on those bids.

21. I’m receiving the same question about my project from several bidders. How can I easily answer the question so all bidders can see it?

ANS: Post an explanation to the project clarification board.

22. What’s the additional cost to post a project with the sealed bids option?

ANS: There is no such options.

23. My project hasn’t yet closed. Can I extend the closing date?

ANS: Yes for up to 14 days but a $5 fee will be assessed.

24. How can I invite a freelancer to bid on a project I’ve posted?

ANS: Click on the “invite to bid” button on the freelancer’s profile.

25. How much does a premium member pay when selecting a provider for a project?

ANS: There is no fee for premium members.

26. The minimum amount I can post as the budget for a standard (non featured-non full time) project is:

ANS: $1-$10

27. How do I leave a feedback for a user after releasing the payment for a project?

ANS: notice will appear at the top of your dashboard that you need to leave a feedback. Click on Link in the notice.

28. Contact details should always be posted in a project description, so freelancers can discuss the project with employer.

ANS: False

29.  Why do some freelancers use the Project Clarification Board to submit their bids?

ANS: Any of these.

30. How much does a Basic member pay when selecting a provider for a project?

ANS: the higher of $3.00 or 3% of the project amount.

31. How much does a Premium member pay when selecting a provider for a project?

ANS: There is no fee for Premium members.

32. I’ve set the budget too high for my project and bids are coming in. How do I change the budget setting?

ANS: Once bidding begins, the budget cannot be changed.

33. How can I prevent bidders from seeing bids by other freelancers who bid on my project?

ANS: Select the Sealed Bids option when posting the project.

34. What should I do if a freelancer has failed to complete my project and isn’t responding to attempts to contact him/her.

ANS: Submit an Incomplete Report.

35. How can I find out more about a bidder?

ANS: Ask questions by PM/Check the bidder’s feedback or reviews/Look at the bidder’s profile.

36. Where can I find links to my projects that have closed?

ANS: On your account Dashboard, in the Employer View, click on the “Past Projects” tab.

37. How can I search for Freelancers to invite to bid on my project?

ANS: Click on Contacts in the navigation bar/From the menu, click on Dashboard > Search Freelancers/ Just type a username into the Search box near the top of the Page.

38. To hire a freelancer for commission-based work, rather than on a per-project basis, the _____ option should be selected when posting the project.

ANS: Full Time

39. Which of the following is true about the Milestone Payment system?

ANS: It ensures Freelancer(s) that funds are available to pay for satisfactorily completed tasks and projects.

40. What’s the additional cost to post a project with the Full Time option?

ANS: $199.00

41. How much does it cost to bid on a project?

ANS: There is no cost to place a bid.

42. What should a freelancer do after being selected for a project if contact can’t be established with the employer and no milestone payment has been created?

ANS:If the employer doesn’t respond after a reasonable amount of time, send a request to cancel the project.

43. How can a freelancer increase his/her chances of winning bids?

ANS: Follow up bids with a short, informative Private Message./Have a complete Freelancer Profile./Read project descriptions carefully./Take exams to demonstrate proficiency.

44. I was awarded a project several days ago, but the Milestone Payment I requested hasn’t been created. What should I do?

ANS: Contact the employer with a polite reminder or issue a milestone payment request.

45. How much commission will be deducted from a Standard member’s account for a project awarded for a bid of $300.00?

ANS: $30.00

46. Which of the following can be posted in a private message immediately after bidding on a project?

ANS: Work Samples

47. How can a freelancer avoid being cheated on a project?

ANS: Check the employer’s feedback before bidding.

48. Can a freelancer change a bid placed on a project?

ANS: Yes, if the project is still open for bidding.

49. I’ve completed a project, but the employer hasn’t made the PayPal payment promised. What should I do?

ANS: There is no recourse available on for projects paid outside the Milestone Payment system.

50. How many job types can a Premium member have selected in the Exams and Skills section of his/her profile?

ANS: 250

51. What is the monthly bid limit for a Premium member?

ANS: 1500

So, above are the Freelancer Orientation Exam Questions with Solution. Although there are repeating questions coming through in this exam, freelancer updates questions in their question bank. We highly recommend you all to refer below links

Also go to help desk for more information about freelancer orientation related questions.

NOTE: If you have any new questions coming through your exam or any queries or suggestions you may comment below.