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Freelancer Fraud Activity, Scam and its solutions

In this article I will discuss about the Freelancer Fraud Activity, Scam and its solutions.

fraud alert






Freelancer is a global outsourcing marketplace, which allows potential employers to post jobs that freelancers can then bid to complete. Founded in 2009, its headquarters is located in Sydney, Australia, though it also has offices inVancouver, London, Buenos Aires, Manila and Jakarta. On November 15, 2013, Freelancer Limited (Freelancer’s holding company) listed on the Australian Securities Exchange with the ticker FLN. is very Giant Company handling more than 20 million + users world wide. Chances of Fraud activity increases when there is huge number of public traffic exist in any platform.

Attackers or Hacking activity increases with increase in users of website. There are many fraud activity going around that you may face in your working life in Today i will highlight some of it, so that after reading this post freelancer users get aware about the situation.

Freelancer Fraud Activity

” My friend John is working as a freelancer in site and he has few thousands of dollars in his account. He works regularly and logging to the freelancer account regularly. One day he got surprised after logged in because he saw that all his hard earn money is gone. The account balance showing 0$. ”

Can you Guess How it is possible??

he told me about the situation but i am confused too, because there is no reason to rollback the amount.

We researched thoroughly and found that account is hacked. All the hard work of more than 6 months flushed away and nothing can be done.

What happened??

Some Third person hacked my friend’s account, i don’t know how he did it because my friend never share his account credentials to anyone.

What he did??

Let say Hacker’s account is X and victim’s account is Y

X is working as freelancer, he hacked the Y with successful logged in to Y’s account.

X created one project named “Create mobile application” from Y’s account with budget of all the amount of Y and assigned that project to X.

X accepted the project from his account and again move to Y account. From there(Y) he create milestones and release that amount and in this way all the amount is transferred to X(hacker)’s account. He closed the project from Y’s end and amount successfully transferred.

What to do when such fraud activity occurred to you?

When you see the above situation don’t panic. First of all keep your mind calm and seat for a while with cool mind :). I know this is very hard to do but except this nothing can be done.


Immediately Generate a Ticket as shown below, click on help–> Support Desk

Freelancer Fraud Activity, Scam and its solutions



Click on Submit Ticket Button as shown below

Freelancer Fraud Activity, Scam and its solutions

Give title as “Account Hack” and describe everything that happen with you.

Example is shown:

[stextbox id=”alert” caption=”Account Hack”]

> Its urgent please come to live support
> The Fake user named “name hacker’s account”¬†created a project named Build a
> Website on 20-08-2014 and assigned the project from my account and
> then he released the amount of $2000.
> I never disclosed my account password to anyone and this thing happen.
> This lead to fraud in freelancer site and i strongly request you to
> stop the transaction by through analysis of entire transaction held at
> 20-08-2014 midnight around 11:30.
> Please investigate deeply and stop the payment as soon as possible.
> Last fake transaction details are attached in the attachment.
> Please rollback our amount as soon as possible.
> We expect best support from
> Thanx[/stextbox]

In reply you will receive message from supporting team as below

[stextbox id=”alert”]Hello,

Thank you for contacting Support.

We have taken the initial action needed regarding this report. Note that your account has been been suspended to avoid unauthorized access to it while it is under investigation. To clear the suspension of your account, please check the ticket NDC-840-XXXXXX and answer the security questions given there. You will not be able to access the account until its suspension gets lifted. We will wait for your response through the ticket NDC-840-XXXXXX.

Let us know if you have other concerns.

William Support


Note : You must do above process immediately because hacker’s amount is escrow in for 2-3 days and than he received payment in his bank account. If you are delayed than will do nothing. supporting team is very genuine and you must believe them. After you generate the ticket automated message will come in you mail with unique ticket id. Every time you reply to support team you have to use that unique ticket id. Simply paste that ticket id into the subject and start conversation, this will help support team to track the situation more easily and more quickly.

Note: After Above complain You account may suspend temporary for few days or may be months. You must continue mailing to support team through your email id.

Wait for the resolve from freelancer’s end and don’t loose the hope because supporting team is bit slow and you have to wait for more than a month.

My friend and i tried to communicate to Support team continuously in the hope that the hacked amount will be added into our account. After a month good news arrived from freelancer’s support team by lifting account’s suspension with all the amount rolled back to original account.

Also there will be verification steps you have to follow by providing Residence proof, Valid Government licence and Bank Statement detail, and Code verification.

This is how you have to workout the situation when your account get hacked. Remember do the above process as soon as possible because amount hacked is temporary escrow into site for 2-3 days. After that freelancer will do nothing and you will suffer with total loss.

If you have any queries of suggestions please comment below.