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  1. Explain .Net framework architecture.
  1. Explain CLR.
  1. Explain JIT Compiler with all types.
  1. Explain Assembly.
  1. Explain Managed Module.



  1. What is Error Handling in VB .NET? Explain with proper example.
  1. Write a note on Namespace in .NET.
  1. Explain following keywords with example.

I)       ReDim and Preserve with respect to arrays

II)    Overridable and Overrides

  1. What is inheritance? Create VB .Net console application to define shape class and derive circle and rectangle from it to demonstrate inheritance.
  1. What is method overloading? Create VB.Net console application to overload area method to find area of circle, triangle and rectangle.
  1. Explain Dispose and Finalization.
  1. What do you mean by Thread? State its advantages. Describe Thread priorities. Also give VB. Net code to implement it.
  1. Explain Collections.   Explain scope and visibility