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Apple Watch Features and Design


Apple Watch Features and Design

Most personal device yet

The main goal of apple always been to make powerful technology more accessible. More relevant. And ultimately more personal. Apple Watch represents a new chapter in the relationship people have with technology. It’s the most personal product ever made by apple.

Apple Watch Features and Design




A device you wear is vastly different from one you keep on a desk or carry in your pocket. It’s more than a tool. It’s a very personal expression. So Apple Watch is designed to reflect a wide range of stylistic preferences. Apple watch is curated three distinctive collections to help you find the watch that’s right for you.

Apple Watch Features and Design

Apple Watch Features and Design

Apple Watch Features and Design









With three variant Primary, sports and Special edition

PRIMARY – Stainless steel or space black stainless steel cases. Sapphire crystal. A range of stylish bands.

SPORTS – Anodized aluminum cases in silver or space gray. Strengthened Ion-X glass. Colorful, durable bands.

SPECIAL – 18-karat gold cases in yellow or rose. Sapphire crystal. Exquisitely crafted bands and closures.

An incredibly precise timepiece

High-quality watches have long been defined by their ability to keep unfailingly accurate time, and Apple Watch is no exception. It uses multiple technologies in conjunction with your iPhone to keep time within 50 milliseconds of the definitive global time standard. And it can automatically adjust to the local time when you travel. Apple Watch also presents time in a more meaningful, personal context by sending you notifications and alerts relevant to your life and schedule.

A more immediate, intimate way to connect.

Apple Watch is right there on your wrist, so it makes all the ways you’re used to communicating more convenient. And because it touches your skin, we were able to add a physical dimension to alerts and notifications — you’ll feel a gentle tap when you receive an incoming message. Apple Watch also allows you to connect with your favorite people in some new, spontaneous ways not possible with any other device.

An intelligent health and fitness companion.

Apple Watch gives you a more complete picture of your all-day physical activity because it measures more than just the quantity of your movement, such as the number of steps you take. It measures the quality and frequency as well. The three rings of the Activity app show your progress at a glance, and provide all the motivation you need to sit less, move more, and get some exercise. There’s also a separate Workout app for dedicated cardio sessions. Over time, Apple Watch can use what it learns about the way you move to suggest personalized daily fitness goals and encourage you to achieve them. So you can live a better day and a healthier life

Two different-sized starting points.

Everyone’s style is different, as is everyone’s wrist. So Apple Watch comes in two case sizes: 38mm and 42mm. Both of which can be set up to work on either your left or your right wrist.

Apple Watch Features and Design


Apple Watch Features and Design







38 mm height and 42 mm height


Apple Watch Launching in 2015

Stay closer to the people

Now your inner circle is always nearby. Press the button next to the Digital Crown to access Friends, a place where you’ll see thumbnails of those you like to stay in touch with most. Tap one to send a message, make a call, or reach out in one of the new ways only Apple Watch makes possible.



Apple Watch Launching in 2015

Messages, calls, and mail. Tailored for your wrist.

Apple Watch adds a new dimension to the way you communicate. In just a glance it shows you who’s contacting you. It even gets your attention the way another person would — by tapping you. There are subtle audio cues, too. The experience is discreet and nuanced, with different types of notifications having their own unique character.

Apple Watch Launching in 2015

Start an entirely new kind of conversation.

You don’t even have to use words. The Digital Touch features on Apple Watch give you fun, spontaneous ways to connect with other Apple Watch wearers, wrist to wrist.






Activity App.
There’s more than one way to look at fitness

Apple Watch Launching in 2015

The Activity app on Apple Watch provides a simple and powerful graphic of your daily activity, with three rings telling you everything you need to know. The Move ring shows how many calories you’ve burned. The Exercise ring shows how many minutes of brisk activity you’ve done. And the Stand ring shows how often you’ve stood up to take a break from sitting. The goal? Sit less, move more, and get some exercise by completing each ring every day.




Workout App.
More detailed measurement when you need it most.

Apple Watch Launching in 2015

Whenever you’re doing a dedicated cardio workout, use the Workout app built into Apple Watch. It shows real-time stats such as time, distance, calories, and pace. It lets you set goals for each workout, encourages you to meet or beat those goals along the way, and gives you a summary of what you’ve achieved. And your workout is included in your Activity app measurements for the day.




Track your progress over time on iPhone.

Apple Watch Launching in 2015

Apple Watch lets you see your daily activity at a glance. To see your progress and trends over longer periods of time, there’s Fitness — an Apple Watch companion app on your iPhone. You can view your activity history, workouts, and achievements by the day, the week, and the month. And it’s easy to zoom in on the details to see just how far you’ve come. There’s also a Health app on iPhone that allows you to share your activity and workout data with your favorite third-party health and fitness apps




A fast, easy, secure way to pay.

Apple Watch Launching in 2015

Passbook on Apple Watch not only keeps your tickets, boarding passes, and loyalty cards together in one instantly accessible place, it also lets you securely use your credit and debit cards. It’s secure because your actual card numbers are never shared with merchants or transmitted with payment. Instead, Apple Watch creates a Device Account Number for each card. When you make a purchase, this number is used to process your payment, along with a transaction-specific dynamic security code. To pay with Apple Watch, just double-click the button next to the Digital Crown and hold your wrist up to the contactless reader. You’ll hear and feel a confirmation from Apple Watch once your payment information is sent.


A whole new era for apps

Calendar, Maps, Passbook, Music, Apple TV and iTunes, Remote Camera, Stopwatch, Timer, Alarm, World Clock, Stocks, Weather, Photos, Siri, Settings.

A brand-new platform for developers.

With its powerful technologies and placement on the wrist, Apple Watch opens up exciting opportunities for apps. Using a new set of tools called WatchKit, developers will be able to easily create experiences designed specifically for Apple Watch.

Glances, Actionable Notifications, WatchKit Apps.

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