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Android Lollipop

Android L

known as Android Lollipop is the new android  OS version.

[stextbox id=”info” image=”null”]Android Lollipop is the upcoming Android mobile Operating System powered by google. It is released in beta version with google nexus devices[/stextbox]


Android Lollipop
Android L








The best part of android L is it’s redesigned and attractive user interface. This OS version also improved in notification with optimized battery usage.

Android OS which is written in C(Core), C++, java(UI) is designed for mobile devices supporting touch screen facility. This OS right from its release updating continuously and hence there are many Android OS versions.

This New OS is coming up with several new features like…

 [stextbox id=”info” caption=”New Features of Android L” image=”null”]

1. new lock screen
2. Notification on lock screen
3. New animations in notification with transparent background
4. No two figure swipe
5. New animation with sliding effect with super smooth touch i.e. 60 FPS
6. New settings app with different scroll effect[/stextbox]

Final release of this OS is expected at the end of 2014, so be ready to use this new innovation in the world of mobile technology by google.

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