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9 Tips to Speedup your Website

9 Tips to Speedup your Website

Following are the 10 Tips to Speedup your Website

Tip 1: Browser Caching

In our previous blog INCREASE WEBSITE SPEED USING BROWSER CACHINGwe have discussed this technique.

Click the link below to explore this technique.

Note: 90% of your website speed depends on front end (image, javascript , css , flash etc .. ) rest 10%  is depends on database and server…

 Tip 2: Simplify web design

Simplify your web design it speed up your blog/website .

If you are master in Photoshop then combine your images into one image because if there is multiple image then browser will request to server many times for different images, this will decrease execution speed of site , but if we combine multiple images into single one then browser will request to the server only ones and it helps in improving your speed.

NOTE : but never reduce image size it should be same as original one.

You might have question that how to display specific part of image from single image right  ???

Ans: you have already combine all background images into single one then use background-image and background-position properties to display the desired image segment in css.

9 Tips to Speedup your Website

Tip 3: Put  your style sheet at the top of the page in head section

Putting style sheet at the top will help to load the content progressively.
Importance of putting style sheet at the top is giving user a good feedback because when browser loads the page, it execute the html page line by line because there is no compiler in php, so code will execute line by line , when we request page with slow internet connection, page will load line by line. Placing css and company logo at the top in header because user are waiting for logo and theme of the page , it improves overall user experience.

Tip 4: Put java script at the bottom

Putting script at the bottom is the good idea because when page loads it block parallel download, so when j script is  downloading  the browser can not start any other downloads , even on different host names., so putting script at the bottom it download at last.

Tip 5: JavaScript and css external

Putting java script and  css externally is an good idea because browser will cache java script and css file for faster loading.

If we put css and javascipt inline then it will execute every time when page is under loading process.

Tip 6: Remove  unnecessary code

Remove unnecessary code from page because unnecessary characters can reduce load time.

9 Tips to Speedup your Website

Tip 7: Flush the buffer

When users request a page, it can take anywhere from 200 to 500ms for the backend server to stitch together the HTML page. During this time, the browser is idle as it waits for the data to arrive. In PHP you have the function flush(). It allows you to send your partially ready HTML response to the browser so that the browser can start fetching components while your back end is busy with the rest of the HTML page. The benefit is mainly seen on busy back-ends or light front-ends.

A good place to consider flushing is right after the HEAD because the HTML for the head is usually easier to produce and it allows you to include any CSS and JavaScript files for the browser to start fetching in parallel while the back-end is still processing.


      ... <!-- css, js -->


    <?php flush(); ?>


      ... <!-- content -->

 Tip 8: Get method

Use get method for ajax request, it will allow faster loading process

Tip 9: No 404

Generally 404 error occur when page not found or some delay webpage loading occurs. This page increases the load time in the server. It is placed manually in .htaccess file. It is suggested not to use this file if not required but generally it is used.

More Important Tips

Speedup a website (to continue your listing):
– make fewer http requests
– reduce DNS-lookups
– reduce global vars and deprecated javascript (like “new Array()”, “new Object()” and so on)
– try a CDN
– use Expires-Header
– use gzip
– avoid css expressions
– minify your Javascript
– avoid redirects
– remove duplicate scripts
– kill support for older browsers
– optimize AJAX (Cache!) or jQuery Selectors (ID before class)

We have analyzed the above 9 Tips to Speedup your Websites. Which helps in faster processing for loading of page. If you have any suggestions or know any other technique apart from mentioned above technique for faster browsing of websites then please give suggestions. You can comment below.